The 10 Best Tech Podcasts of 2005

Podcasting, a format to publish rich media like audio and ultimately video by use of RSS, has come of age in 2005 with an estimated world wide audience of 4.8m people compared with just 800k in 2004. As main stream media giants begin to see the benefits of this emerging technology and bandwidth becomes more readily available (broadband internet access has overtaken dial up in the UK for the first time this year), using RSS perhaps combined with bit torrent will become the formats to publish video. For now I am enjoying this, not so amateur, radio that is easily downloaded directly to my PC and walkman.

In my opinion, these are the 10 best podcasts from 2005. If you think I have missed any podcasts that should have made it into this best of 2005 let me know!

The Diggnation Podcast

Diggnation w/Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht subscribe to audio feed Subscribe to audio feed

“Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.”

With the meteoric rise of this year this accompanying podcast has got to be a surprise success of 2005. The popularity is due in part to a great combination fronting the show. Kevin and Alex, of TechTV and The Broken fame, have a dynamic rapport and have created a witty and entertaining podcast also available in video format.

The Extreme Tech Podcast Podcast  Subscribe to audio feed

“News, reviews and technology updates from”

All the latest high end tech products reviewed for the business and home. Quality informed discussion on the current technologies for the enthuisiast.

The Hotspot 

GameSpot presents The HotSpot Subscribe to audio feed 

"GameSpot editors recap the hottest news and trend in the gaming industry from the past week!”

Quality reviews and production values from the Gamespot crew covering all the headline gaming events, launches and news.

The PC Gamer Podcast 

PC Gamer Podcast GamersDaily Subscribe to the podcast 

“The official podcast of PC Gamer Magazine”

Hardcore PC gaming through and through, these guys a passionate about their PC gaming.

The Web 2.0 Show 

The Web 2.0 Show Subscribe to the podcast 

“We are a podcast about the “new” web. We interview web service developers as we try to gain insight to their thought processes.”

Chris Saylor and Josh Owens have come out of nowhere with ‘The Web 2.0 Show’ to pull in some of the biggest names in the Web at the moment for some really fascinating interviews. Aimed at the “new web” as they put it, the shows indirectly cover some of big news events from the inside point of view. From the likes of Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc and Om Malik to name but a few, they’re relaxed style and well thought out questions makes for a quality show.


“This podcast covers all things relating to web design. Whether you are a website owner, designer or developer hopefully this show has something for everybody. Each episode includes news, review and hints and tips.”

British podcasting at its best, Boagworld is the brainchild of Paul Boag and is a podcast that manages to be entertaining and informative in the world of web design. A web design/ accessibility specialist in the same mould as Zeldman, Paul is joined by Marcus Lillington a colleague from their Web Design agency from which they take their practical knowledge and experience share with the world.


This WEEK in TECH  

“Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, John C. Dvorak, and other tech luminaries in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in digital technology. Winner of the 2005 People’s Choice Podcast Award for best overall podcast and Best Technology Podcast. Released every Sunday at midnight Pacific.”

One of the big hitters, This Week in Tech could possibly be regarded as the Slashdot of the podcasting world. TWiT, with Leo Laporte, is slickly produced, topical and regularlt has top guest spots from the world of technology and the web. This is quite rightly one of the most downloaded podcasts available.

The Engadget Podcast 

Engadget Podcast Subscribe to the engadget podcast 

“Engadget’s up to the second coverage of consumer electronics and technology.”

The Engadget team making your gadget porn audible, with current news opinion and reviews.


The Mac Cast  Subscribe to the Podcast

"A Macintosh show for Mac geeks by a Mac geek. News, reviews, opinions and commentary about all things Macintosh. The MacCast also offers Mac help via email and a call in Hotline.”

All the Mac news and opinion well served in the best Mac podcast out there?

The GamersDaily Podcast 

GamersDaily Subscribe to the Podcast 

“Daily Gaming Podcast and Free Video Reviews of Games”

RubbaD, Cycon, Cyborg, TopaZ and Agent J make up another entertaining podcast that has now been going for a lot longer than anyone probably expected. Made up of mostly teenage (?) guest speakers these guys make up for in enthusiasm what they lack for in age and are true gamers in every sense of the word. While not quite daily they regularly cover independent games and often rightly give as much coverage to a quality Russian top down shooter as the latest EA blockbuster.

Update: Thanks everyone for commenting.

RT, Sprog and Matt, gave a big heads up to Command N and rightly so, it is a quality show and deserves its place amongst the list. I was trying to make the distinction between podcasts and their video (or vidcast) brethren though as 2005 has really been the year of the audio podcast. 2006 will inevitably will be when many of the more popular podcasts, budget permitting, make that transistion into video and I am looking forward to it. With Apple’s Ipod with Video joining the Sony PSP and the maturing 3G technologies, this next year there’s gonna be a whole lot more to come for the portable video market.


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  3. TopaZ says:

    Hey Ben,

    Thanks for putting on this list, and for taking all that heat for including gaming shows. Maybe if it had been “10 best tech & gaming ‘casts” no one would have complained :)

    Sorry for lack of shows lately, the holidays have Pwned me.

    Take care and have a happy new year.


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  7. [...] It’s a bit late, but we’d like to congratulate Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington, the team behind the Boagworld podcast, for making it into this ‘top ten tech podcasts of 2005′ list. If you haven’t heard the Boagworld podcast, it’s great. And rather than paraphrase Paul for a description of the podcast, I’ll simply paste this from his site: “This podcast is for all those involved in running, designing or developing web sites. We aim to provide news and advice on web design and management without overwhelming you with techno babble!”. Some of the ‘management’ content isn’t really relevant to most designers, and is pitched at those people responsible for budgets and stuff, but there’s always something that designers can take from each podcast. But guys, why are you so pleased for Paul Boag? Well, Paul also produces a 30-minute podcast for Practical Web Design magazine each issue, where he focuses exclusively on practical design issues. In issue 24, on sale now, Paul explains the best ways to attract visitors to your web site. [...]

  8. says:

    Top 10 Tech Podcasts

    Interesting list at this blog.Definately gonna check some of these podcasts out. The list made it to the frontpage of Digg, which is always good for an extra hit or two ….

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  10. J says:

    What about Best Damn Tech Show, Period.?

  11. BlogoSquare says:

    Top 10 Tech Podcasts

    After the Top 4 Tagger Game I found that Stéphane came up with the Top 4 Podcast. I will just bring it to 10 and present you the Top 10 Tech Podcasts, it’s not mine it’s from BenBishop. Check it up and tell me how it was

    Technorati Tag…

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  13. Hi Ben,

    So – any plans to create an updated list for 2007? Would love to see our show, FrequencyCast, featured in a list of Top Ten UK tech sites. here goes the shameless brazen plug:

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